Treat yourself to one of a range of therapy treatments during your stay

If you are coming on one of our weekend retreats your choice of therapies can be booked on the Friday when you arrive. There will be a list of treatments and a sign up sheet in the guests lounge. On the weekend retreats the treatments are offered on Saturday afternoon.

Treatments start from £30 each and are undertaken by one of our fully qualified therapists. Additional treatments are available at differing prices subject to availability.

The therapists use organic products that have been lovingly made by Debbie our Aromatherapist. You can try these products out in the tester basket in the lounge and they are also available to buy in our shop.

The Tree’s BLISSFUL Relaxation Massage  45 min £45

Using specially blended oils to aid relaxation and induce calm, this treatment

concentrates on the back, shoulders and scalp concluding with a massage to the lower legs and feet.



Swedish Full Body Massage  45 min £45

A firmer treatment alleviating aches and pains from tired, tense muscles,

improving circulation and dissolving tension from your whole body.



Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  45 min £45

A massage for your back using a range of techniques tailored especially for you!



Aromatherapy Full Body Massage  45 min £45

A soothing skin- conditioning massage using The Tree’s own specially blended oils.

A combination of massage movements, lymphatic drainage and pressure points are used to ease tension and bring about a feeling of total well-being.



Holistic head, neck and shoulder massage 45 min £45

This extremely relaxing treatment uses blended essential oils and is great for relieving stress, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. It is especially suitable for those who need the gentle approach.

Be prepared for oily hair!



Reflexology  45 min £45 

A holistic treatment using the feet to treat the whole body.

Pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet to encourage the body’s self-healing process.

It is a great way to feel totally relaxed and revived



Foot Pamper  45 min £45

This relaxing treatment leaves your feet feeling pampered and renewed. They will be exfoliated, moisturised and massaged with a light, cooling peppermint lotion to leave you and your feet feeling light and refreshed.



Facial  45 min £45 

Using organic products made here at the Tree your face with be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and then the application of a soothing mask will leave you relaxed and your skin ready to face the world and the hot tub!



Back Polish 45 min £50

Including cleansing and exfoliating, followed by the application of a clay mask to draw out impurities to leave the skin feeling fresh and toned, ending with a soothing massage. A real treat for your back.



Reiki  45min £45 

Reiki is a spiritual healing art. It is not a massage nor is it based on religion. The therapy is performed with you lying down fully clothed aiming for deep relaxation and healing to take place.



Healing Hearts Therapy  45 min £45 

This is a very peaceful hands-on treatment, where the therapist uses a combination of light brush strokes and calming joint holds. You remain fully clothed and under a cosy blanket.

Perfect if other therapies are contra-indicated.