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5 Day Silent Retreat

So why choose a Silent Retreat?

A silent retreat is an opportunity to take time away from the busyness and stresses of our daily life and give ourselves the gift of time and space just to simply BE. The retreat provides a safe haven of nurturing support to engage in yoga, self-enquiry, meditation and relaxation practices which are designed to heal,  stretch and balance, facilitate improved health, inner peace, well being and awaken us to our true nature.

What happens on a Silent Retreat?
(explained very nicely by one of our past participants)

"I have just returned from a 5-day silent retreat at The Tree. This twice-yearly event was my first ever experience of such a retreat and it was beyond all my expectations. The basic rule was no speaking, reading, using any technology such as IPads or mobiles and no bringing in any of our own foods. When the gong sounded at about 10pm on Sunday evening, we maintained noble silence until a similar time four days later on the Thursday. Edward was joined by Jules to lead us in challenging, rewarding and very beneficial yoga practices, mantras, meditations, visualisations, relaxations and a mindful and meditative silent walk up onto the moors to commune with nature. All the while we, the 'students', maintained complete silence. This silence continued during the wonderful meals by the Tree Team. All the food was Ayurvedic, vegan and absolutely delicious. Blessed with generally good weather, in the free hours of the day we could enjoy the garden, walk in the nearby dale area, sit quietly and focus on our true basic nature, looking inward to our very essence and being. At the end everyone confirmed how much they had enjoyed the challenge, found benefit from the whole programme and felt able to face the future with renewed self-confidence. What a truly wonderful experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone." Steve

What type of Yoga do we teach on the retreats?

The Practices are from the Hatha & Kriya Yoga traditions (which includes mindfulness meditation and self enquiry) and are based on the teachings of the 8 limbs of Yoga as taught in Patanjali's Sutras. It is a non-religious and a non-dogmatic approach to the path of improving health and well-being and discovering lasting inner peace.

Many people when they think of yoga think of just the physical postures as in general this has become the main focus of much of modern yoga practice. But this is only one of the 8 main elements of a fully comprehensive yoga practice which also includes things like lifestyle choices, study of spiritual texts, breathing practices, Self-enquiry and meditation. All of which will be incorporated on this 5 day retreat.

There will be two posture practice sessions each day, taught through an approach that anybody can do; regardless of age, shape, size or ability. The aim (as we teach it) is not about becoming like a gymnast or trying to overly contort your body in any particular way. The perfect yoga posture is one in which you feel steady, relaxed and comfortable. 

"To stop all the doing, to just 'be' and to find that peaceful place within my self was transformative".  Melva


Who goes on a Silent Retreat?

People that come on a silent retreat are people just like you. Over the years we have people from all walks of life, occupations and backgrounds with varying levels of previous experience. Everyone is welcome but it is useful to have some previous experience of yoga and meditation. We will happily have a chat with anyone wondering if it’s right for them and can explain in more detail what the Silent retreat entails.

What is the daily schedule?

Below is a typical day's schedule.

05.30 Wake up 

06.00-08.00 Yoga Asana, Meditation & relaxation

08.15 Silent breakfast

10- 10.30 Deep Breathwork


10.30 Break


10.45-12.00 Silent mindfulness meditation

12-12.30 Guided Contemplation

13.00 Silent Lunch

14.00-17.00 Free time to relax, go for walks, use sauna and hot tub, just be. Opportunity to have a check in with the teachers.

17.00-18.45 Gentle Restorative Yoga Asana, Meditation & Relaxation

19.00 Silent Evening snack

20.00 Yogic Teaching/ contemplation or reading from spiritual book.

21.15 closing chant

What do past participants say about the silent retreats?

"The week will be hugely beneficial in all sorts of ways that you might only guess at. You will be supported and cared for, body, mind and spirit." Sarah


"I've never come home from a trip away feeling as relaxed and in tune with myself, my friends and family as I do right now. It has left me with a profound sense of peace and understanding" Dave 

"It was beyond all my expectations." Steve

"What a truly wonderful experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone!" Sue


"Heaven!" Mary

"Taking part in silent retreat has been transformational for me. The retreat is beautifully planned to be fully supportive, comfortable and nurturing. The retreat can be challenging and at times emotional, but offers an opportunity to truly unplug from a noisy world and to receive deep rest and reflection. I always complete the retreat feeling light in mind and body and full of joy. The highlights of the retreat are the delicious food, the wonderful schedule of yoga and guided meditation, the beautiful nature and surroundings, the amazing teachers and team. Also you have a great connection with the other retreat guests even though conversations are only at the beginning and the end of the retreat. I’m about to attend my fifth annual silent retreat at The Tree and I think that says it all - I consider it to be a big ROCK in my health calendar every year."

"This will be my fifth Silent Retreat and they resonate more deeply with each passing year" Martine


Further Details

The cost for our silent retreats is £495 per person in the Main House or £475 in the Old Chapel, based on 2 people sharing a twin room.  If you would like a single room the supplement is £150.  


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