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Accommodation & Facilities

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We are not a posh spa and never will be – we are a relaxation retreat which is simply and comfortably furnished. It is a place to recharge your batteries, maybe learn something new but most importantly a place where guests can feel comfortable and safe to relax and to simply “BE”. So if you are looking for something a bit more homely and personal then we might be for you. As listed below we can offer a range of additional facilities that you can enjoy during your stay.

The Tree or The Old Chapel ?

You may have realised that we have 2 properties. We have the "The Tree" which is the main building and "The Old Chapel" which is accessed along the road or through a gate adjoining the two properties via the garden.


The Tree


The Tree Accommodation

The Tree is designed to be relaxing and comfortable, “a home from home”, and has been fully refurbished over the last 5 years. Many returning guests walk in, sigh and say that they feel like they have returned home or that they are in their second home .


Guest Rooms

Each of our eight bedrooms; (a range of twins, doubles and a triple) have been sympathetically decorated with soft pastel shades to make you feel even more relaxed and comfortable.

Most of the rooms are ensuite, other rooms have their own private bathroom just across the hall. Every room has a fantastic view across either side of the beautiful Rosedale valley.

The Tree Dining Room

Our large dining room boasts spectacular views out over the valley to the moors. We have a long communal table where guests enjoy delicious vegetarian food and enjoy meeting like-minded people. The dining table often becomes a gathering place in the afternoons when people sit together to share  and to put the world to rights. Many a conversation has led to longstanding friendships and sharing of experiences have led to helpful insights for people . Often gales of laughter are heard by us in the kitchen as people connect and enjoy themselves. Similarly people empathise and listen to others and there may be a quiet and gentle vibe . Whatever, time spent at the dining table is very enjoyable and no one need worry about coming alone as all guests sit together and eat at the same time .


The Tree Guest Lounge

Our guest lounge is a cosy space with comfy leather couches, cushions, blankets, a great library and an open fire.  Guests use this space to relax, read, have a drink and chat with other guests. Snuggle up in front of the fire with a book and a cuppa and let your cares slip away for a while. We ask guests to leave their technology in the bedroom – or at home  - so that people can relax without being bothered by phones, lap tops etc and we have had many positive comments about how nice it is not to be surrounded by people plugged in, so to speak. We do have wifi which can be accessed in bedrooms .

The Tree Relaxation Studio

Our purpose built relaxation studio is situated on the top floor. This beautiful, peaceful space is enhanced by skylights, a sound system and a simple restful décor. It is a wonderful, relaxing place for guests to relax, enjoy yoga and meditation or to spend some time quietly doing their own practice.​ During the weekend this space is used for our therapists to do treatments.

The Tree Hot & Cold Tub

Our guests often mention the new hot and cold tub area as a highlight of their stay. It combines all the latest technology with a spectacular location and view to create a truly relaxing experience. The hot tub is beautifully warm and a different combination of jets in each seat means you can find the perfect spot to encourage your whole body to relax. The cold tub can go as low as 1 degree but we generally keep it around 10 degrees for those who want to enjoy hot and cold therapy- the viking bath!

The hot and tub is outdoors covered by an oak structure. It has an opening at the front which allow you to feel like you are truly outside. It’s the perfect place to take in the stunning views or even watch the sun set over the moors as the stars appear..

So don’t forget to bring your swimming costume, flip flops and a dressing gown!

The Tree Sauna

The sauna is a great place to relax and let the warmth soothe your muscles leading a sense of deep relaxation and well being . If you have been out cycling or walking or involved in a yoga class the sauna is an ideal place to head to ease away aches and pains.

Zen Chi Massager Bed

At the top of the stairs you will find the Zen Chi Massager Bed. This device is used to stimulate the motion of a swimming fish. It helps to improve health by providing a convenient and easy way of exercising. The swaying motion of this amazing little machine energises all the joints in your body to relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulders.


Our Garden

We have a large garden for you to enjoy, with spectacular views across the valley and out over the moors. There’s a hammock, seating and plenty of space to lie out on the grass and read a book, chat or just relax.

The Yurt

In the garden we have a Yurt that is available for quiet meditation during your stay.  Treat yourself to some solitude overlooking the beautiful valley.

Additional facilities

As most mobiles still don’t work in Rosedale, we have a Public telephone available so while you enjoy the silence, you can still contact people if you need to. We recommend that you use the limited reception to enjoy a break from technology.

WIFI is available at The Tree for those who can’t resist the temptation to be in touch with the outside world.

The Old Chapel


The Old Chapel Accommodation

The Old Chapel comprises of 3 very comfortable rooms. Two of those rooms sleep a maximum of 3 people and one rooms is a single. If you are staying in the Old Chapel on one of our weekends it is likely that you will have a whole dormitory for you or the friends that you are coming with. Each room has its own shower room and toilets, though not ensuite. The toilets and showers are the same as it was when it was a school outward bound centre, so they are of that style.

The Old Chapel Living Area

The Old Chapel Living area is a cosy and peaceful space with comfy couches, and amazing views across the valley.  Use this space to relax, read, have a drink and chat with other weekend guests.

The Old Chapel Kitchen.

Whilst on our weekends you can also make use of our well equipped kitchen to help yourself to drinks. Or if you hire the whole place you have everything you need to prepare some delicious vegetarian meals for you and your group. This kirchen can also be used midweek by our B&B guests staying at The Tree

The Old Chapel Yoga Studio

Our purpose built Yoga studio is situated at The Old Chapel next door to The Tree. This beautiful, peaceful space is enhanced by large windows overlooking the valley, a comprehensive sound system, under floor heating  and a simple restful décor. It is a wonderful, relaxing place for guests to relax, enjoy yoga and meditation or participate in workshops.

Outdoor Seating Area

Round the back of The Old Chapel we have a seating area with a picnic bench that boast incredible views across the Rosedale Moors.


Additional facilities

WIFI is available at The Old Chapel.




"Our true home is in the present moment"

Thich Nhat Hanh

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