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An Open & Integrated Approach

Here at The Tree we teach a range of different practices and hold regular courses and retreats. Our aim is to offer an effective, realistic and down-to-earth approach that supports waking up to our true nature and a more healthy, enjoyable and relaxing way of life.


We encourage our guests to view the courses, retreats and practices as an exploration into our own personal experience and as something that can be integrated with our normal everyday life – not as something separate. A home mindfulness practice may start with just 10 minutes a day in a quiet corner of your home. However, over time, the benefits of this practice will naturally begin to flow into, and benefit, other areas of our life including lifestyle choices, relationships, home and work life, our community and our planet.


We hope that our approach is uncomplicated and accessible to all. The teachings we share are based on both ancient and contemporary wisdom, are grounded in our own personal experience and are non-religious. However our courses are open to people of all beliefs, religions and faiths, as well as to those who do not align themselves with any. If you are affiliated with a particular belief, then it is our wish that the practices and teachings we share will simply support you in deepening your own personal connection to whatever is true for you.


We hope to welcome you to The Tree soon.


There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest.

Use both and overlook neither"

Alan Cohen

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